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Welcome to the site, which will help you make a decision
and answer the question why it is worth joining the Lavylites club.

The four pillars of organization Best Energy 4 Life while building the Lavylites business

  • Turn Your dreams into goals
  • Be the best You can be - knowledge, personal development
  • Use and promote the product, use and promote the LAVYLITES system
  • do to others what you would like to be done to you.

Big picture of industry in 21 century

What is so great and so important that you should know about it right now?

Ludwig in 5 mintes about Lavylites


Ph. D. Ludwig Reiser

“The first drink from the cup of science makes you atheistic; but at the bottom of the cup God waits.”

Werner Heisenberg, one of the most important physicists of the 20th century.

Your benefits if you recommend the product to other people.

Maybe such a product is needed, or even necessary for you, a loved one or just a fiend. It is worth knowing that you can buy it in the club system even with a 90% discount.
It may be an opportunity for you to start business with us. Here is a short presentation on how the Lavylites club system works.
You have several different presentations with a discussion about products and a marketing plan
thanks to which you can receive as a customer discounts up to 90% of the value of your purchases,
or take an active part in building your business venture based on the reference system.
it is best that the person who invited you has registered in the system.
For this, "sensitive data" is not required
Name, surname, address in the country where registration is accepted by the system
and your orders will be sent to this country. What is important, the shipping address can be changed each time.
You will also need an e-mail address and mobile number.
The customer can be a natural person or a company with any legal status.
Registration is free and does not create any obligations on the part of the company or the registered person.

Live zoom meetings

Meetings in English

  • We invite you to meetings organized systematically on line
    Zoom room  pass 1111
    Tuesday  9 PM (UK) On line presentation live for prospects
    Sunday  9 PM (UK)  presentation or Q&A  

Meetings in Italian and Polish

  • Wenssday  21.00  (CET) for new prospects 
  • We have meetings in Polish  -
    Zoom room pass 1111
    Thursday  20.00  (PL) for new prospects 

    Sunday 20.00 (PL) - Networking 

How Do I Get Started with Zoom?

Download Zoom

The Zoom app should be downloaded for any/each device on which you plan to use Zoom.

  1. Visit the Zoom Download center:
  2. Click Download to download the Zoom Client for Meetings. You may also want to download the mobile app for your phone or tablet.

Install Zoom

Find the file you downloaded in the step above and and run the install file.

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Click Sign In.

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Click Login with SSO.

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Enter byui in the field prior to Then click Continue.

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Enter your BYU-Idaho username and password. (You will also have to authenticate using your 2 Factor Authentication).

Customize Your Zoom Account

Navigate to , click Sign In, and login with your BYU-Idaho username and password.



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