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Il supporto di un Sistema per ogni Membro del Club, è alla base di un buon funzionamento in Rete.

Il sistema è suddiviso in due livelli di accesso PROSPECT per le persone che dopo una conversazione o una presentazione sono interessate a conoscere più materiali sui prodotti e sul funzionamento del sistema club PARTNER per le persone già registrate nella nostra struttura.

The system is divided into two levels of access:

 PROSPECT: section dedicated to a person who after a conversation or presentation, is interested to get acquainted with more materials about the products and operation of the Club System.

 PARTNER:it  section dedicated to a person, who already is registered in our structure.  

We reserve the right to limit access for people who do not work with us as one team!

We do  reserve the right to a limit access for the people who do not work with us, as a TEAM!!!

The entire system will be subject to constant expansion, as well as updating as new files and information are acquired. There will definitely be a gallery section from various events.

The entire system will be a subject to constant expansion, as well as updating, as new files and information are acquired. 


Every one is welcom to join meetings online on  join

Meetings online

We do invite you to the meetings, which are organized systematically online

  • Tuesday 9:00 PM (UK) Online presentation live for prospects
  • Sunday  9:00 PM  (UK) Q&A - 


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